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Helen Lette 

Head Instructor

Making circus fun for everyone, by adding a splash of colour!


Lil Tulloch


After hanging by her feet for 18 years, the blood rush may have affected her sanity. However, Lil will still make you train hard, laugh and point your feet.


Kylie Simpson


You'll find me with my ground circle or my air circle.


Kirby Meyers


Kirby is an international aerialist, physical and human praying mantis. She has performed her quirky and eclectic acts with companies like Cirque Eloiza and Cirque Du Soleil.

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Eli Goslett


Teaches aerials, handstands, flex and contortion. Terrible at juggling and diabolo.

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Mat Goslett


I can't do tight rope to save my life!


Melanie Cicchini


Jack of no trades. Master of one - Tissu!

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Kasey Parker


I walk better on my hands than my feet.

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Angus Johnson


Angus has been training and performing circus since 2005. He specialises in corde lisse and tissu,


Kim Glover


Torturing awesome humans since 2006. Passions: lyra, tissu, pilates.

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Michelle Gardner

Michelle loves to fly. You will find her getting strong on lyra or noodling around on her cloud swing. 


James Bustar


Australia's madman of comedy and juggling.

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Sean Mind

Assistant Instructor

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Charmaine Muller


Vet nurse by day, Trapeze teacher by night and wouldn't have it any other way.

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Hugo Degotardi


Come join straps I promise it's not painful!

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Bridget Rieger


Bridget has an extensive physical background in gymnastics and later fell in love with the idea of flying so began her journey into Circus. She coaches children in competitive gymanstics, adult gymnastics, handstands, acrobatics, straps, trapeze,strength, flexibility and conditioning and much more. She has performed on International stages with companies such as Cirque du Soleil. She continues to push her artistic and physical limits as an artist. 

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Nicki Huber-Smith


Nicki specialises in trapeze, acrobatics and making you point your toes.

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Georgia Sheard

Assistant Instructor


Michael Scruton

Accompanying an animated personality, Michael has a wide range of coaching experience. Starting with gymnastics in 2012, Michael has since taught trampolining, parkour, hand-balancing and a wide variety of other circus disciplines. He has a love of flying trapeze and partner acrobatics...oh and chocolate!


Jeanli Pelletier

Jean attended her first aerial Tissu class in 2013 and instantly fell in love with all things circus. She now has been training and performing a wide variety of aerial arts such as Tissu, Lyra, Doubles Trapeze, Flying Trapeze and Straps. 


Mim Wheeler

Mim originally trained as a contemporary dancer and completed BA (hons) dance at WAAPA. Mim has spent the last 7 years performing and teaching across the UK and Europe. Mim has taught verticals (silks and rope) to a range of students from beginners to advanced/professionals and enjoys when she gets the chance to develop peoples skills and confidence. Mim is excited to be back in Sydney after living O/S for the past 15 years.

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Michael Speranza

An outlandish vagabond

from another world...
And by outlandish I mean silly
And by vagabond I mean nerd
And by another world,

I mean Perth (WA)


Mark Holland

Scottish import, teaching Silks and Static Trapeze since 2009. Come to my class if you want to hear moves called different things in a thick accent. Just don't ask me to teach Lyra.

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Amanda Cole

Amanda loves to share her passion for all things circus with everyone and revels in helping others achieve things they never thought they could do. Amanda is dedicated to helping students accomplish goals and realize new skills. 


Aimee Rowe

I've been doing corde lisse for over seven years and I fell in love with it, circus and the community right away. Corde is the best forget the rest.


Shaunah Johnson

Shaunah has been teaching and performing aerials and circus for 10 years. By following her dreams, Shaunah has performed at places and events such as The Sydney Royal Easter show, placed first in Miss Lyra Australia and spent 2019-2021 at NICA (The National Institute of Circus Arts) and is now back home in Sydney pursuing her passion. 
Shaunah is bubbly and full of energy and loves to make her students laugh as she tries to push them to their full potential so they too can pursue their dreams


Diana Paulin Diaz
Administration Team

Diana comes to us all the way from Queensland via Colombia. She is an ex-gymnast, circus performer, and gymnastics judge with over 15 years experience in sports administration and a postgraduate degree in government and public management. We looking forward to reaping the benefits of Diana’s talent and experience!


Aslam Abdus-samad
Administration Team

Aslam is an actor, performance maker and writer. He maintains a practice as a physical theatre performer throughout Australia and Internationally. Aslam completed actor training with NIDA, taught film/ English in South Korea, managed the schools program with the Australian Theatre of the Deaf, taught drama in Singapore, and trained in comedy improvisation in Spain! (Phew!)