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book your class

Choose your class 


Scroll through the timetable below and click on your chosen class, enter your (or your child's) details and pay! Yep, it's that easy!

Sign your waiver


Once you have booked and paid, you will receive an email to sign your Aerialize Waiver form. Please note this must be completed to attend any Aerialize activities. 


Download the app

After signing your waiver you will receive an email and link to download the Clubworx app where you can book & manage all future classes.

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*Already a member at Aerialize? Book via the Clubworx app

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*Please note there will be a card surcharge of 1.85% when making payment.

If you wish to avoid card fees you can organise a bank transfer through our office

Term vs Drop In Classes

Benefits of booking a Term Class

When you book a Term class at Aerialize, you are booked into the same class, every week for the full 10 weeks.


  • Consistence & easy

  • Commit to developing your skills 

  • Get to know your instructor & class mates

  • Save $$$

  • Enjoy the ease of having the same class at the same time every week so your training is consistent and set. 

  • Please note term classes cannot be swapped for any other class (we do not do make up classes).

**please note all youth classes are term only. 

Benefits of booking Drop In Classes

When you book a single or 5 pack drop in pass at Aerialize, you can: 

  • Customise your schedule 

  • Try different classes 

  • Enjoy a flexible schedule 

  • Cancel 24hrs prior to class starting and rebook at a later date (contact the office to cancel)

  • Master different skills on different apparatus'

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